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Открытый урок английского языка по теме "Погода. Времена года"


  1. тренировать учащихся в употреблении в речи заученных структур; развивать творческие способности учащихся;
  2. проконтролировать основные навыки и умения, над которыми велась работа в данном цикле;
  3. развивать способности к догадке.

Учебные пособия:

  • магнитофон,
  • игрушки.
  • картинка по теме.

План урока

1. Greetings; How are you? And you? Are you all right? I am…today. I think it’s because of the weather. Do you like today’s weather? Why? By the way, what season is it now? What seasons do you know? What is your favourite season? What season do you like (adore)? What season do you hate (dislike)?

2. Structures with “ if”: You’ve told me that the weather is…today. But what will the weather be tomorrow? And what do you think? What’s your opinion? What will you do if the weather is frosty, (snowy, bad, stormy, sunny).

3. Poems, proverbs: And now let’s revise some poems about seasons.

Spring is green In spring the trees are green
Summer is bright In autumn they are red and golden
Autumn is yellow In summer the sun is bright
Winter is white. In winter the snow is white.

In the North it’s snowing
And in the South it’s not
In the East the wind is blowing
And in the West it’s not
In the South the sun is shining
And in the West the sky is blue
In the East it’s raining
And in the North it’s raining too.

We know that English people like to speak about the weather. What proverb about the weather do you know? All together. Very well.

4. Home task: your home task for today was to prepare some riddles about the weather. Listen to your friends please. Who would like to be the first?

5. Work with a tape- recorder: listen to the tape- recorder and write down the seasons , the author will tell you about. What seasons were mentioned?

Look here, Neznaika listened to the story too. But he couldn’t understand everything because he was a bad pupil at school Correct him if he is wrong.

A) There are many flowers in winter.

B) The sky is blue in spring.

C) It is hot in winter.

D) The days are long and the nights are short in summer.

E) The trees are yellow, red and orange in autumn.

F) March, April and May are the winter months.

G) It snows in winter.

6. Pause: I see that you are tired. Let’s rest a little. Some exercises are for you. Listen and act. You are walking along the street to school;. You have a heavy bag in your left hand. The day is sunny but frosty. Your nose and cheeks are cold. Suddenly you see a boy playing snowballs. You put down your bag, pick up some snow, make some snowballs and throw them into the boy -1, 2, 3. It’s funny. Oh, but what about school? You take your bag and quickly run to school. You open the door, come in, wave your friends “hello”. Oh, you are not late! Thank you. Sit down, please.

7. A game with toys: today we have some guests at the lesson. These are animals which live in different parts of the Earth. What seasons do they like and where their native places are? (a polar bear, a lion, a frog, a hedgehog, etc.)

8.Work with the picture: and now I’d like you to look at this wonderful picture. One of you will be a teacher and ask questions, all the others will answer them.

9. Writing: well, it’s time to work in our exercise books. Open them, please. Write down the date. Look at the blackboard. You can see two columns: nouns and adjectives. Make up word combinations.

Foggy storm
Multicoloured day
Wet rainbow
Marvelous sky
Awful autumn
Warm season
Cloudy weather

10. The end: I want to tell you that I am pleased with your work. Your marks are… The lesson is over. Good bye. See you later. Your homework is on the blackboard.

Запасные варианты задания.

A) Open your copybooks and draw a picture. It’s a marvelous day today. The sky is clear and the sun is shining brightly. There is a beautiful lake in the middle of the picture. 3 white swans are swimming there. There is a green forest behind the lake. The air is full of insects: butterflies, dragonflies, flies and beetles. There is a field with violets and bluebells in the right corner of the picture. There is a path with rosebushes opposite it. Everything looks peaceful and quiet.

B) I’ll say a word and you tell me something which is associated with this word: snow – winter – holidays – summer – grandmom – fruit –autumn – rain – pools…

C) And now I want to listen to your home dialogues about seasons and weather.

My dear friends! I need your help. Today two of our teachers are going to Great Britain. And they want to know the weather forecast. But my disobedient student Winnie has bloted my report. And I can’t read it . Will you help me?

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