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Из коллекции "Мысли моих учеников" : Иностранные языки

Из коллекции «Мысли моих учеников»

О книгах

Many-many years ago the German poet Goethe said: " The man is rich not by money, but by books." I fully agree with him because I think that books play an important role in our life.
Books is the wealth of the mankind, but only a good book makes a reader to be deep in thought. The books teach us, sometimes we find the answers to our questions in the books.
I\'m sure that without books our life will be boring and uninteresting. All people have different tastes and they read various books such as detective stories, science fiction or adventures.
As for me I like reading historical novels and encyclopaedias, novels of the Russian and foreign writers and the Oriental poetry. I read these books for my soul. My favourite writers are: N.Gogol, F. Dostoevsky, V.Nabokov.
Sometimes I read the books which people advise me to read. I read always and everywhere and can\'t imagine my life without books.
It\'s a pity that cinema, computers, TV have moved the books from our life. Yes! I like cinema, theatres and computers, but nothing can substitute a good book for me!

Knyazkhanov Bulat, Form 11.

To tell the truth I don\'t like reading books. Why? Because I am fond of TV and cinema. There are many good screen adaptations of the novels which help to imagine and understand the action and the characters better. Reading demands attention, but when you are watching TV or video you can relax, eat and drink, rest and enjoy the film.
Of course, I read some books, detective stories for example. There are interesting characters and action develops very unexpectedly and quickly. My favourite detective stories writer is Agatha Cristie and her Belgian detective Poirot. He solves all the problems and investigates the crimes very easily with the help of "the grey cells" as he calls his brains. But I don\'t like other books and consider them to be dull. You see, I hate "War and Peace" by Leo Tolstoy because it\'s a very-very big novel. I wonder, how he has written such a long book? That\'s my point of view on reading.

Kornev Peter, Form 11.

A fairy-tale is a story written or told for children. The events take place in the fairy kingdoms, palaces and castles.
Usually the principal characters of the fairy-tales are the princesses and princes, or animals or plants which can talk. These characters fight with the evil forces, such as dragons, witches, warlocks and magicians. In the fairy-tales Kindness always wins.

Matkov Alexey, Form 11.

О транспорте, путешествиях и отдыхе

Hardly there is a man who doesn\'t know or doesn\'t want to see France . I have been learning French for seven years already and I like everything connected with France . This country is situated in Europe . Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea wash the shores of the country.
France is a highly industrialized state. Light and food industries are well developed here. Lion is the centre of textile industry. Agriculture is also developed. In rural parts the farmers produce meat, milk and a lot of sorts of cheese. There are many fruit gardens and vineyards in France . French wines are famous all over the world.
This country has a long and great history. It is the native land of Joanne d\'Arc, Napoleon, Duma and Gogen. Earlier it was a monarchy, but now it is a sovereign republic of which the president is the official head.
The capital of France is Paris . This city is situated on the banks of the river Seine . There are many sights in Paris : the Eiffel Tower , the Louvre, the Triumph Arch, etc. Paris is the capital of fashion, beauty, perfume. It is a big cultural centre, the face of the state and one of the most wonderful and attracting cities of the world.
My dream is to visit this wonderful country and its capital.

Khunafina Aida, Form 11.

I think that summer is the best season. During summer people have an opportunity to rest and relax.
I spent June in the village of Borovoe Matiushino in the sanatorium which was situated on the bank of the river Volga.I bathed with my friends and we went boating.
In July I rested in our country house in the village. Together with my friends we drove cars and motorcycles. We also went to the forest.
In August I went to the Black Sea , to Adler. I bathed and sunbathed on the beach, I admired the lake Ritsa , the Caucasus mountains and the waterfalls.
As for me I like summer, but now I have to be back at school. On the one hand I\'m glad to be back at school, because it\'s great. We play, we chat at the lessons and sometimes we miss our lessons. But on the other hand it\'s boring, because we get a big homework, we have many lessons and problems.
But I can\'t imagine my life without education.

Gabdrahmanov Niaz, Form 10.

It is as clear as a day that every man is sick and tired of a busy and noisy city and has a burning desire to relax and make merry or to travel at last during his vocations. And every year millions of people all over the world look forward their holidays and plan how to spend them.
As for me I\'m fond of travelling and discovering new countries, sights and places.
When I travel it seems to me that a troublesome reality turns into a peaceful and quiet paradise.
There are many means of travelling: planes, trains, ships, but there is nothing like travelling by car. One can enjoy visiting old churches, castles, cosy streets and monuments. I can\'t help admiring the beautiful and picturesque countryside: lakes, forests and mountains.
I think it\'s impossible to travel without camera, because it is the best way to keep in memory your trip throughout your life and to tell the truth it is a decent way to boast.
Travelling helps to get acquainted with traditions, history and culture of different countries, to understand people, their habits and tastes better.
Do you remember that in many fairy-tales a prince must travel to find his princess? I\'m sure that only travelling we can find our luck and may be love!

Shuvalova Kate, Form 11.

Travelling by train has its advantages and disadvantages. The advantages are the following: it is not an expensive way of travelling and you can buy a return ticket and spend the rest of your money on other things. The terrorists of whom we are scared very much prefer planes. While travelling by train one can see a lot of villages, cities and enjoy the view through the window. One can sleep, eat, chatter or read a book in the compartment. I\'m never bored in the train.
But on the other hand the train isn\'t very comfortable. A mattress is not soft and a berth is short for me. If I sleep on the upper berth I\'m always afraid of falling down. A rumble of the wheels bangs in my brains. Sometimes the neighbours in the compartment are very talkative.

Alempeeva Nataly, Form 11.

A Riddle

This man holds ticket in his hand

But he can nothing understand

He stands with suitcase on one place

With pale and strange embarrassed face.
(a passenger)

Alempeeva Nataly, Form 11.

The biggest advantage of the flight by plane is that it is very fast. Trips to some remote countries may take three day by train, but by plane it takes only 2-3 hours. A plane is comfortable and the passengers can read, sleep or look through the window, have a meal, listen to music, relax or even work.
But the flights by plane have also some disadvantages. First of all, the tickets are very expensive. Some people also think that it is very dangerous, they are worried that their plane will crash or that someone may hijack it.
The passport control and the check - in take a lot of time at the airport. You may be airsick, besides the passengers can\'t lie down, they only sit in the armchairs.
But anyway, I prefer flying to travelling by car, train or ship, because I think that there are more advantages than disadvantages in the flights.

Mustafina Aline, Form 11.

О магазинах и покупках

If your life has bored to death

Here it is possible to rest

Display of pastries is the best!

Our store attracts attention

We\'ll decide at once any question:

At the baker\'s rolls and pies,

Scones and cakes which you can buy.

You should not pay through the nose

Their price is low as we suppose

The shop is open every day

Welcome, welcome choose and pay

And you\'ll be happy I should say!

Shuvalova Kate, Form 11.

When you ask a woman if she likes shopping, you ask a rhetorical question. Hardly there is a woman or a girl who doesn\'t like the purchases! But the men tell that they don\'t understand what gets into women in the shops. The answer is simple I think. First, a shop is the world of many beautiful things to admire which is very pleasant for the woman\'s eye. Second, only in the shop a woman understands clearly what she needs to feel completely happy. At last, if you have money you can spend it to enjoy yourself or your friends and relatives, or to buy something which will make your life more comfortable and beautiful.
I like going shopping to the stores, because there are many departments, well-dressed windows which attract my attention and it\'s possible to find anything you want.
I like to call on the jewelry and clothes departments, but I could also buy food in case there is anyone who will carry it instead of me. Going shopping is one of my recipes for high spirits.

Khunafina Aida, Form 11.

О кино

France became a birthplace of cinematography in 1895 and since then a new era has begun - the era of cinematography. Not so long ago people frequently went to the cinema and it was rather difficult to get tickets. For example, my parents remember the long queues to watch a new film. But now the city cinemas are practically empty for we prefer to stay at home and watch video.
Though I\'m very busy and I\'ve got many problems and lessons, I can\'t imagine my life without films. In my opinion, films give a positive energy to people and to watch a good film is a good way of entertaining and receiving information or a simple possibility to relax.
As for me, I don\'t like war films and horror films, that\'s why my favourite kinds of films are: adventures and romantic stories. I love fairy-tales very much and the best story for me is "Cinderella". I consider the feature film Pretty Woman" to be the best screen version of this story.
The film presents an excellent love story between a rich man and a poor woman. The film is full of beautiful music, which helps to understand the film better. Julia Roberts and Richard Gere are my favourite actors. Their talent is boundless and made this film so wonderful!

Shuvalova Kate, Form11.

I\'m a composer. I\'m writing music for the new film. It is a complicated work because music should reflect the atmosphere of the film. I have to write music which will help to understand the film better. Sometimes I wake up at night and begin working and sometimes I stop on the half of a word and run to the piano.
If I take part in shooting of a comedy film or a love story, I try to compose merry and tender music. If it is a thriller or a horror film the music should be sad and depressing.
I don\'t like films which are empty of serious content, because music in these kind of films is simple.
To tell the truth, I like my work.

Kazakova Valery, Form 10.

О школе, уроках и настроении

Sometimes I see sad people in the streets. I begin thinking why these people are in low spirits and look so sad. Perhaps because they are hungry and have a headache?
I come to my school and there I meet sad pupils too and they are also in low spirits. Perhaps they have got a bad mark or they have many lessons or a big homework?
As for me, I have cheerful friends with whom I play games or listen to music. I think that people should always be cheerful, because it\'s bad to be sad and depressed in my opinion.
And if you are in low spirits try to smile, or eat something tasty, or chatter with your friends. Sure it will help you!

Gataullin Nikita, Form 11.

There are many lessons at school and of course there are interesting and dull ones among them. A dull lesson is the lesson when the teacher is dull and explains his subject badly, when I don\'t understand the topic and don\'t want to shake my brains.
But there are a lot of ways to spend the time at the dull lesson. For example I can sleep, talk with my classmates, play games and send messages. At the dull lesson I count the minutes and constantly look at my watch waiting for the end of it. Sometimes I read a book or copy a homework or prepare for the following lesson.
To my mind it\'s not bad when there are dull lessons, because I can rest and prepare for the interesting and favourite lesson better.

Gazizova Alisson, Form 11.

It\'s impossible to imagine school without homework. Every day the teachers give us tasks which we have to do at home. We have seven lessons a day and we must prepare a big and often difficult homework for each lesson. A homework may be oral and written, long or short, difficult or easy, useful and useless, interesting and boring. So the volume and kinds of homework may vary, but what really remains unchangeable is the teachers\' attitude to it. They think that it is a very interesting and useful occupation and that pupils have a lot of time at home. Now I know exactly that there is no one pupil on the Earth who prepares all his homework, because it is impossible. But there are pupils who manage to prepare their home tasks. For example me: I prepare my homework watching TV, eating or talking over the phone, listening to music or in case of the urgent necessity during the breaks. Of course, this attitude to homework may seem light - minded to you. But I fully agree that homework is a very important and often very useful thing which helps to develop memory, mental abilities, to repeat the material which we have learnt at the lessons. And I try to overcome my laziness and prepare my homework, because I think that this knowledge will help me in the future.

Gaisina Eline, Form 11.

I think that the lesson is dull in case the teacher doesn\'t want to make it interesting. And it is his fault that his pupils don\'t listen to him and look through the window, talk or simply sleep during the lesson.
At the dull lesson the discipline may be fine. The pupils may sit straight and watch the blackboard, but it doesn\'t mean that the lesson interests them, because a severe teacher is not always a good one. In my opinion the lesson is interesting when the teacher gives the diverse tasks, for one and the same kind of work can bore the pupils to death. It\'s fine if the teacher gives for each pupil a chance to show his abilities. The lesson becomes interesting if the teacher is a good speaker and if he gives an additional information and interesting examples.
As a rule a dull lesson is a useless lesson. That\'s why the teacher who loves his work and pupils will always try to make it various and interesting.

Khunafina Aida, Form 11.

I\'m sure that every educated person should know at least one foreign language. To know the languages is very fashionable today. Some people learn languages because their work demands it. For example the work of a journalist, interpreter, manager, diplomat, etc.
Learning languages facilitates the understanding among the peoples, makes their contact easier.
Learning foreign languages people train their memory, get acquainted with the way of life and culture of the other nations.
For me learning languages is my hobby and now I\'m learning Russian, French, English, Tatar, Arabic and Italian languages. I would like to visit many countries and for this purpose I need to know different languages, especially English.
Today English has become the language of international communication and cooperation. English is the language of business, shipping, science (especially computing ), aviation and diplomacy. English has penetrated in all spheres of our life. Thanks to this language we can communicate abroad, work in the Internet.
As for me, I love English for its resourcefulness and grammar, but the pronunciation is very difficult as well as the reading rules. In my opinion, I must know this language, because W. Shakespeare, Admiral Nelson, W. Churchill and Bernard Show spoke it.
Kniazkhanov Bulat, Form 11.

О будущей профессии

"Profession is not your life, it is a means of your existence", - said once a philosopher. But I don\'t agree with him. I think profession is our chance to become happier, to achieve a success in our life. That is why it isn\'t easy to choose a future profession for everyone. I want my profession to be interesting, modern and well paid.
Neither in my childhood nor at school I knew what I want to be. But I was always sure that I want my future job to be connected with travelling, meeting new people and learning something new every minute of my life.
Certainly it is necessary to know foreign languages, to be well educated and well informed, to be neat and smart, responsible and attentive.
I have known for a long time that leaving school is the beginning of my independent life and my parents try to help me to make a right choice of a job. They believe that first of all it is necessary to get a higher education and graduate from the University. And I fully agree with them.

Shuvalova Kate, Form 11.

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