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Урок английского языка в 10-м классе по теме "Цена славы" : Иностранные языки

Цель урока:

  • Систематизировать коммуникативные (лексические, грамматические) умения и навыки учащихся по теме “Цена славы”.



  • Активизировать употребление грамматического и лексического материала по теме “Цена славы”.
  • Провести контроль речи и аудирования учащихся по теме.


  • Научить учащихся способам высказывания собственного мнения по теме.
  • Развивать коммуникативные навыки учащихсяся в парной и групповой работе.


  • Воспитать чувство ответственности, патриотизма, расширять культурный кругозор учащихся.

The topic of conversation is “The Price of Fame”. Today at our lesson we shall speak fame, how it is to be famous, good, bad sides of fame and psychology of fame.

На доске слово “famous”. It is a key word of our topic.

Find synonyms to the word “famous”.

Why do people want to because famous?

There are good and bad sides in popularity and fame. Lets speak about advantages and disadvantages of fame. You will work in groups of 4. pleasure choose 1 secretary and 1 speaker.

Ребята работают в группах первая группа учащихся работает над преимуществами славы, а вторая – над недостатками. Учащиеся получают два листа бумаги. Затем листы вывешиваются на доску и проходит обсуждение достоинств и недостатков.

Not all people become famous because they must have some qualities, that make them famous. What qualities do you consider to be the most important?

Учащиеся работают в парах, обсуждают качества, необходимые для того, чтобы стать известным, и затем проходит обсуждение в классе. What knew words have you learnt? Why do you think these qualities are important?

There are famous people not only in our country, our town but in our school too. Two students of your group made a questionnaire. They asked the students of the 10th and 11th forms about popular students of their popularity.

2 учащихся рассказывают о результатах опроса, проведенного накануне открытого урока. Называют известных учащиеся и говорят о причинах их популярности.

I think some of you can become famous too. Do you want to become famous? I have a personality quiz for you. We shall see who can become famous. Answer the questions and check your answers.

Учащиеся отвечают на 5 вопросов анкеты и проверяют свою характеристику по количеству очков. Характеристики и количество очков написаны на листе ватмана. Учащиеся обсуждают кто сможет стать знаменитым.

Personality quiz

If you had (to have) millions of pounds/ dollars, like Michael Shumacher, what would you do (to do)with it?

  1. I’d spend most of it.
  2. I’d save most of it.
  3. I’d keep 10% of it and give away 90 %

If you had a very dangerous job / hobby like Michael Shumacher and your mother were (to be) worried about you, would you (to stop) doing it?

  1. No I wouldn’t
  2. Yes I would
  3. I’d consider it

Michael Shumacher and Kylie changet countries. If you had to (to have) to live in a new country in order to improve your career, would you go (to do)?

  1. Yes I would
  2. No I wouldn’t. I’d miss my friends and family
  3. I wouldn’t move permanently

Both Kylie Minogue and Michael Shumacher have younger siblings who do the same job as them. If your younger brother / sister were (to be) famous too, would you feel (to feel) competitive?

  1. No. I’d be pleased that he /she was successful too
  2. Yes/ We’d both be (to be) very competitive
  3. I’d prefer it if he / she were (to be) less successful than me

If you bought (to buy) lost of newspapers and they wrote (to write) something horrible about you how would you feel (to feel)?

  1. I’d be very hurt
  2. I’d be furious
  3. I’d laugh and ignore it

Now we shall speak about the psychology of fame. Open your books at p. 74 Ex 1. Read the task of Ex. 1.

Учащиеся обсуждают вопросы в упр. 1 и описывают картинки.

Before listening look at the blackboard. There are some words to understand the text.

To be addicted to – unable to stop having or taking (drugs)

To adore – to love and to respect highly

Insecure – deeply not safe

Obsession – a fixed and often unreasonable idea with which the mind is concerned

Desperate – to be ready for any wild act and not caring about danger especially because of loss hope.

Учащиеся слушают запись текста на кассете 2 раза. Затем они выполняют упр. 2 – правильные и неправильные предложения.

Now lets check your answers. Put marks for the listening comprehension.

На доске таблица с именами учащиесяся и количество допустимых ошибок.

0 mist – 5

1 mist – 4

2 – 3 mist – 3

  Listening Vocabulary









Учащиеся проверяют правильные и неправильные предложения, отмечают карандашом в учебнике количество ошибок и сообщают учителю оценку.

Famous people have a lot of entertainment. They travel, go to the concerts, different parties, visit exhibitions and listen to music. Lets work at our vocabulary on the topic. Open your books at p. 69. vocabulary Ex 1. We shall check your homework.

Учащиеся проверяют домашнее задание упр. 1 стр. 69, где нужно было вставить слова по теме “Entertainment”.

We continue working with the vocabulary. Take the sheets of paper and read the sentences. If the sentence is on the topic “Theatre” put the letter T, if on the topic “Film” put F, if on the topic “Music” put M, if on the topic “Painting” put P, if on the topic “Sculpture” put S.

Учащиеся работают индивидуально, расставляют буквы. Затем обмениваются листами и проверяют работы друг друга. На доске указано количество допустимых ошибок.

Vocabulary: entertainment

Look at the following sentences and decide if the people are talking about theatre, music, film, painting or sculpture. Mark the sentences T (theatre), M (music), F (film), P (painting) or S (sculpture). In some of the sentences more that one category is possible,

  1. My audition went really well and got the part.
  2. The lead singer also plays guitar.
  3. His first exhibition opens next week.
  4. I don’t know who composed it, but it’s my favourite piece.
  5. We could only get tickets in front row so we were much too close to the screen.
  6. One of the critics said the director should have stuck to acting.
  7. It had such a sad ending that almost everyone in the audience was crying.
  8. Are there any well-known heavy metal groups in your country?
  9. He almost forgot his lines in the performance we saw.
  10. I thought that young woman conductor was really brilliant.
  11. He did all the statues in the park.
  12. The audience went on applauding even after the last curtain call.
  13. The photography was wonderful, but I didn’t think much of the plot.
  14. Have you heard their latest album?
  15. They’re very modern and colours are amazing.

Учащиеся проверяют предложения по ключу, который написан на доске и учитель выставляет оценку.

1 mist – 5

2-3 mist – 4

4-5 mist – 3

I think it is interesting to meet a famous person in real life. Do you want to meet any famous person? Who do you want to meet? What would you do if you met a famous person? Now open your book at p. 74 Ex. 4. Read the task. It will be your homework for the next lesson.

Учащиеся обсуждают, как сделать домашнее задание. Нужно написать своему другу письмо, где сообщается, что ты встретил известного человека.

Our lesson is coming to the end. You have worked hard. You got marks during the lesson. Now lets write a summary of your lesson on the blackboard. We must write the summary in 5 lines.


Famous popular to entertain to recognize to succeed

The fame is sweet, but hard price

  1. Write a noun – the main topic of our conversation.
  2. Write 2 adjectives connected with the topic
  3. Write 3 verbs, connected with the topic
  4. Write a key phrase of our lesson.
  5. Write a noun – a summary of our lesson

Over lesson is over. Thank you.

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