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Конспект урока по английскому языку в 7-м классе по теме: "How do you treat the Earth?" : Иностранные языки


Социокультурный аспект – повторение и закрепление экологических правил поведения в городе и загородной зоне, повторение понятий и реалий:

Three R’s, Alf, Woodsy Owl.

Развивающий аспект – развитие способности к сравнению, умозаключению, развитие оперативной памяти и способности к функционально-адекватному восприятию грамматических структур.

Воспитательный аспект – формирование уважительного и ответственного отношения к природе, воспитание бережливости и осознавания роли человека во взаимодействии с природой; формирование способностей осознавать экологические проблемы и желания помочь природе.

Учебный аспект – формирование лексико-грамматических навыков чтения и говорения (страдательный залог в настоящем времени с неопределенной формой глагола).

Сопутствующая задача: развитие умения вести микродиалог на заданную тему.

Речевой материал:

Рецептивный / продуктивный: лексический – р. 95, ex. 8 (1 – 3). Unit 4, lesson 7.

Грамматический: – страдательный залог в настоящем времени (Simple Present Passive) с неопределенной формой глагола.

Учебные пособия: плакаты с изображением Alf и Woodsy Owl, экологические знаки, знаки “Three R’s”, раздаточный материал (лексико-грамматические упражнения), пластиковые, стеклянные, картонные изделия, учебник английского языка English 7 под редакцией В.П. Кузовлева.


I. Introduction

Teacher: Good-morning, children! I’m glad to see you!

Sit down, please.

The theme of our lesson is called: “How do you treat the Earth?”

We have been talking about some global environmental problems and nature protection for 3 lessons. You have already learned some rules of how to treat the Earth.

II. Warm – up activity

a) T: Tell me if you have seen any of these signs.

What do they mean? (Учитель демонстрирует экологические знаки.)

Class: Keep your country tidy!

Keep of the grass!

Put your litter in the bin!

Keep dogs under control!


Keep the forest off a fire!

b) T: Look at the blackboard and revise word combinations after me!

T —> Cl: protect nature;

reduce pollution;

destroy wildlife;

damage nature;

pollute nature;

disturb wild animals;

throw away litter;

spoil the environment;

economize using electricity and water.

T: Translate these word combinations, please. (Pupils read and translate them one by one.)

III. Practice

T: What do you think these sings are for?


If people keep of the grass, they don’t damage nature.

IV. Words review and writing

T: You have cards with a number of words enclosed into a box. Look through them and choose those, which belong to our theme: “How do you treat the Earth?” Write them down in your copybooks. (Pupils do exercise №1.)

A container, to achieve, an ambition, to climb, the environment, to plant, art, to spoil, registration, to reuse, to reduce, recycle, program, to throw away, to cut down, Biology, to feed.

T: Please, read your words you have written down. (Pupils read them one by one.)

V. Practice

a) T: An unusual and strange person has come to us. What is his name? Where is he from? You know Alf is worried about lots of things and helps children to think of the Earth?

What does he ask you to do/ not to do?


He asks us to reduce pollution.

T: What advise do you follow? Why?


I don’t’ draw on the trees. It helps not to spoil the environment.

(Take words from the blackboard for help.)

b) T: British and American children learn a lot about the environment at school. All of them remember of three “R’s”: Reduce, Recycle, Reuse.

T: Ask each other what we can and must reduce, reuse, recycle. Why?

Pupils make up their dialogues:

one group (row) discuss what to reduce,

the second – what to recycle,

the third – what to reuse.

c) Teacher asks some pairs to tell their dialogues for everybody.

Pupils tell their dialogues and use visual aids:

- Hello!

- Hello!

- Now tell me please what we can reduce?

- We can reduce…

- What must we reduce at home?

- What must we reduce… And what about you?

And so on…

VI. Grammar Rules Review

a) T: Well, we have talked much about environmental problems. Let’s revise what we are advised or asked so that to protect nature and to treat perfectly the Earth.

Firstly, answer my questions. (p. 249)

1) Какая структура называется сложным подлежащим? (Subject + A Verb in Passive Voice + Infinitive.)

2) Для чего употребляется эта структура в английском языке? (Для сообщения о том, что кому-либо советуют, говорят что-то сделать.)

3) Какие глаголы употребляются с данной структурой в страдательном залоге?

4) С какой частицей употребляется неопределенная форма глагола в данной структуре?

b) T: Woodsy Owl, a mascot of the Forest Service in the USA, suggests ways of how to take care of environment. His suggestions are important for Russian guys, too. Why?

Find exercise 2 in your sheets of paper and put the verbs into the Present Passive Voice.

1) We (to ask) not to throw away lifter. It’s wise. It helps to reduce pollution.

2) Boys and girls (to advise) to collect paper, cans, carton. It’s important. It helps to reuse them.

3) I (to remember) to reduce electricity and water. It’s helps to economize them.

4) His parents (to say) to put litter in a bin. It’s not silly. It helps not to spoil the environment.

5) Our class leader (to allow) to organize environment groups. It’s great. It helps not to destroy wildlife.

6) She (to tell) to raise money to save animals. It’s not bad. It helps her to care them.

7) My friend (to make) not to leave the fire in the forest. It’s brilliant. It helps him not to spoil forest.

VII. Practice

T: You are given a lot of suggestions of how to help nature. Do you do anything like that? Why? Why not?

P. 82, ex. 6. Look through it and give us your ideas.

(Teacher gives an example.)

a) T: We are fold to recycle. I really think it is important because we save materials and keep nature clean. As for me, I always try to do it. I think everybody should recycle plastic bottles and containers, because taking care of the Earth is everybody’s business.

b) We are fold to plant trees. I really think it is important not to leave litter, because we pollute our land. As for me I never paint on the trees. Sometimes my friends and I raise money to help animals. I think everybody should recycle, because saving forests is everybody’s business.

VIII. Conclusion

1) Impressions;

2) Marks;

3) Home task:

Write a letter to your friend: “How do I treat the Earth?”

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