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Урок-закрепление по английскому языку по теме: "Великобритания" : Иностранные языки

– Dear friends! People all over the world like holidays. So do we. Today is a holiday in our school. It’s a day of English language. We all have been a waiting this day eagerly, because we all learn English. You already know a lot about Britain and it’s people, but some things are easily forgotten. Let’s brush up our knowledge of the country. Today we are having competition between the pupils of the 8 “b” form. We have 2 teams. They are: “rose” and “daffodil”. Let’s greet our teams. The rest of you are the audience.
May l introduce the judges: let’s start.

1. – Now, teams, give your greetings to each other. The highest mark for greetings is 5.
– Ok I think that you have done this task. Please, tell the score for the greetings.

2. – The second task is to guess who the leader of the team is. Ask questions to each other and try to guess.

3. Now we have some questions about Britain and you must read them and answer as soon as you can. For each true answer you will get 1 point.

4. Next task is to fill this quiz. Lf you do it quickly and without mistakes you’ll win.

5. Lt’s difficult to say Russian patters but it’s more difficult to say them in English. So I want to know why can say this patter.
– Please, begin.
– Very well done.

6. Next task is not easy for you, I think. One of the teams will read the text and another must play parts.
– Please, this text is for you.
– You made a very good jot of that.

7. Holidays! We like them all! So I ask teams to tell us about British holidays while they will go from one wall to another.
I see you know British holydays.

8. Every country is proud it’s famous people. And facts of their life are well-known. Now I’ll pin a table with the name of one of the famous person on the pupil’s back and his team must tell him what they know about that celebrity.
– And you try to guess whose name is written on your back.

9. Without proverbs any languages wouldn’t be so rich. We often use proverbs in our speech. I’m sure that we know English proverbs as well as Russian ones.
– At first, give the Russian equivalent of the proverbs.
– Now complete the following proverbs
– I want you to read the English proverbs and choose the right Russian equivalent

10. I have cards with letters.
You must make up new words. I don’t want you spend more than 5 minutes on it.
– Our game is over and we want to know the score. Thank you much for taking part in our game.


1. What does the Union Jack look like and what does it symbolize?
2. What is the official name of Great Britain now?
3. What parts does Great Britain consist of and what are their capitals?
4. What was the original name of the British capital? And how many people lived there by the year 400?
5. Where did the Great Fire of London start? How long did it last? How big was the part of the city destroyed by the fire?
6. When did William the Conqueror come to England from Normandy? Why did he build the White Tower in the Tower of London?
7. What caused the Great Fire of London?
8. People who were born in Britain are the English, aren’t they?
9. Who does the power in the country belong to?
10. What do we call the narrowest part of the English Channel?
11. When did the Romans leave Britain?
12. What can people mean when they say “Great Britain”?
13. What is understood by the Commonwealth ? What do you know about it?
14. Who makes laws in the country?
15. When did the Romans come to England for the first time?
16. Britain’s population is more than… million people.

a) 56;
c) 560;
b) 5,6;
d) 7.

17. Great Britain is separated from the continent by…

a) the Pacific Ocean;
b) the Irish Sea;
c) the Bristol Channel;
d) the English Channel.

18. Westminster is a … center of London.

a) cultural;
b) political;
c) business;
d) industrial.

19. There are many farmlands in Britain, especially in the … of the country.

a) north;
b) south;
c) west;
d) east.

20. The head of State in Britain is ....

a) the Prime Minister;
b) the President;
c) the Queen;
d) the Speaker.

21. The National Gallery is in …

a) Piccadily Circus;
b) Parliament Square;
c) Trafalgar Square;
d) Leister Square.

22. Whitehall is …

a) a street leading from Trafalgar Square to the Houses of Parliament;
b) a big hall in the center of London;
c) a white palace near Trafalgar Square;
d) the palace where the Queen lives in summer.

23. Sir Christopher Wren built…

a) Buckingham Palace;
b) Westminster Abbey;
c) St. Paul’s Cathedral;
d) the Tower of London.

24.The Great Fire of London broke out in…

a) 1066;
b) 1766;
c) 1106;
d) 1666.

Конкурс скороговорок

1. Hector Protector was dressed all in green; Hector Protector was sent to the Queen. The Queen did not like him, no more did the King; so Hector Protector was sent back again.
2. She sells sea-shells on the sea-shore. The shells she sells sea-shells, I am sure.
3. Cob is Dob’s dog, Tob is Mob’s dog.
4. If you, Sandy have two candies. Give one candy to Andy, Sandy. If you, Andy, have two candies. Give one candy to sandy, Andy.
5. Swan, swan over the sea. Swim, swan, swim! Swan, swan back again. Well swum, swan!

Команды задают друг другу шутливые вопросы

1. Why can`t the world ever come to an end? (Because it is round)
2. Who speaks English, Russian, German and other languages? (An echo)
3. What is in the middle of the world? (The letter “r”)
4. What is in a country, in a capital, in a city, but not in a town? (The letter “c”)
5. Who are the two largest ladies in the United States? (Miss Ouri-Missouri; Mrs. Sip-pi-Mississippi)

Команды читают текст и разыгрывают:


A Bigger Hand Is Better

One day a woman went shopping to the market with her small son. Soon they came to a man who was selling cherries. The man liked the small boy, and said, “Take a handful of cherries, my little man.”
The boy went up to the box of cherries. He put out his hand, then took it back. He did not take any cherries.
“Don’t you like cherries?” the man asked.
“Yes, I do,” said the boy. The man took a big handful of cherries and gave them to the boy.
“Thank you,” said the boy.
“Bobby,” said his mother on the way home, “why didn’t you take the cherries yourself?”
“Because the man’s hand was bigger than mine,” was the answer.


Buying Cakes

A bus stopped hear a small English town in the country. A man looked out of the window and saw a woman selling cakes. The man wanted to buy a cake, buy the woman was far away from the bus. The man did not want to get out himself, so he asked a little boy who was near the bus, “How much does a cake cost?” “Three pence, sir,” answered the boy. The man gave him six pence and said to him, “Bring me a cake, and with the other three pence buy one for yourself.”
A few minutes later the boy came back eating a cake. He gave the man three pence change and said, “There was only one cake left, sir.”


  • mgbrceadi (Cambridge)
  • mernovgent (Пovernment)
  • vorlopile (Liverpool)
  • ycrutn (Сountry)

Ответы на вопросы

1. It is red, white and blue. It’s made up of 3 crosses: the cross of St. George (the patron saint of England), the cross of St. Andrew (the patron saint of Scotland) and the cross of St. Patrick (the patron saint of Ireland).
2. The official name of Great Britain is The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northen Ireland.

1) England (London);
2) Scotland (Edinburgh);
3) Wales (Cardiff);
4) Northern Ireland (Belfast).

4. Londinium; 50 thousand.
5. It stated in the house of the king’s baker, near London Bridge, on Saturday 2d of September in 1666. It lasted from Saturday until Thursday. The fire burnt 4 days and destroyed 80 % of the city.
6. In 1066 he became King of England. He lived in London, he was afraid of the English, of the people of London and he built the White Tower to live in it.
7. There was a strong wind from the river.
8. No, they aren’t. They are British.
9. The power in the country belongs to the British Parliament and to the British Government.
10. –
11. After 400.
12. They can mean “The two main islands are Great Britain and Ireland” (“the island state”).
13. The Commonwelth – Содружество наций. In 1949 Britain and the former colonies founded the Commonwelth. The Commonwelth includes many countries such as Ireland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and others.
14. The British Parliament (the House of Lords and the House of Commons) does.
15. –
16. More than 56 million people.
17. The English Channel.
18. A political center.
19. South.
20. The Prime Minister.
21. Trafalgar Square.
22. A street leading from Trafalgar Square to the House of Parliament.
23. St. Paul’s Cathedral.
24. 1666.

English proverbs

– So many men, so many minds.
– Two heads are better than one.

Can you complete the following proverbs?

1. When the cat is away
2. Where there’s a will
3. Better late
4. Look
5. What’s done
6. An apple a day
7. One man’s meat
A. the mice will play
B. can’t be undone.
C. keeps the doctor away.
D. before you leap
E. there’s a way
F. then never
G. is another man’s poison


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