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Обобщающий урок английского языка по теме: "Королевская семья" : Иностранные языки

Today we\'ll continue to learn our general theme "England ". The topic of our lesson is Royal London, so I\'m sure, that today you\'ll give some more information about Royal family and places in London, connected with the Crown.

The first of all I want ask you some questions:

  1. Who is the Queen of UK today?
  2. Has she got a real power?
  3. What names Queens and Kings of UK do you know?
  4. Name some places connected with the Royal family?

Now, let\'s continue our lesson. The main point of our lesson is the text" Royal London".
And before reading it we\'ll listen to cassette the pronunciation of the proper names.
So, take your headphones and be ready with listening the cassette.

I. Let\'s read and work at the text.

The task is read and translate two paragraphs simultaneously. Let\'s begin.

II. Another two paragraphs you must read by yourselves, try understand the meaning. So pay attention on the questions written on the blackboard

  1. Why is King Henry VIII remembered in the country?
  2. Was he an important monarch? Prove it.
  3. When did the Parliament give him all power in the country?
  4. Who is his daughter?
  5. Did she marry? Describe her.
  6. Why was she remembered in the country?

III. Last task is listen to the end of the text and try understand the meaning. Don\'t forget to pay attention on the blackboard. Here are some questions for you. Take your headphones; to be ready with listening the text.

  1. When did Queen Victoria come to the throne?
  2. How long did she reign?
  3. Who did she marry/
  4. Why was her marriage tragedy?
  5. What places are connected with Queen Victoria?
  6. What is Albert Hall?
  7. What is the Victoria and Albert Museum?
  8. Why is Queen Victoria remembered in the country?
  9. Who is Elizabeth II?

So, we have read this text. I think you gave some new information about royal family and royal places in London. And now we\'ll have some discussion on this text. Let\'s divide the class into 3 groups. I have the tasks for each group. You must read it very attentively and be ready with the discussion. So, begin.

IV. Results.

Homework: Read the text and repeat.


Выбери правильный ответ:

1. Buckingham Palace is:

  1. a museum,
  2. the official residence of Parliament,
  3. the official residence of Queen,
  4. the residence of prime minister.

2. Какое название не относится к данной группе?

  1. Hyde Park,
  2. Covent Garden,
  3. Trafalgar Square,
  4. St. James\'s Park.

3. Какой вариант является ответом на вопрос: What place in London is connected with Queen Victoria?

  1. Regent\'s Park,
  2. Royal Albert Hall,
  3. St. Paul\'s Cathedral,
  4. The Tower of London.

4. Расставьте пункты плана в правильном порядке.

  1. Royal parks in London,
  2. Queen Elizabeth I,
  3. King Henry YIII,
  4. Queen Victoria.
1. 1423
2. 1324
3. 2143
4. 3142

5. Найдите информацию, которая не содержалась в тексте.

  1. Parks are open to the public free of charge.
  2. Regent\'s Park has open-air theatre.
  3. Queen Elizabeth I was a prisoner of the Tower of London.
  4. Queen Victoria ruled for the longest period in the English history.

6. Найди правильный перевод выделенного слова.

The Mall, a wide avenue used for royal processions, runs from Trafalgar Square to Buckingham Palace.

1. бежит,
2. двигается,
З. идет,
4. направляется.

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