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Внеклассное мероприятие по английскому языку "Holloween" для старших классов средней школы : Иностранные языки

The Halloween Party

Сцена оформлена соответственно празднику: воздушные шары оранжевого и черного цветов, гирлянды из фигурок летучих мышей и паучков, тыквы со свечками внутри. Перед сценой – стол с глобусом, накрытым черной тканью.

Участники праздника одеты в костюмы чертиков, ведьм, привидений, вампиров.

Звучит музыка, выходят два чертика – ведущие.

Чертик 1:

Halloween is coming.
Who will you meet?

Чертик 2:

I might meet a princess,
Skipping down the street.

Чертик 1:

Halloween is coming.
What will you do?

Чертик 2:

I might go trick-or-treating.
How about you?

Чертик 1:

Halloween is coming.
What will you see?

Чертик 2:

I might see a jack-o’-lantern
Winking at me.

Чертик 1:

Halloween is coming.
What will you be?

Чертик 2:

It’s a secret,
So, wait and see.

Чертик 2 (обращаясь к зрителям): Hello, dear friends. Are you glad to meet today? Yes, and we are glad to see you too. Look, our globe is black. Do you know why? Because evil spirits come out this day and they do many bad things.

Чертик 1: And who remembers what date is today?

Голос из зала: Today is the 31st of October.

Чертик 2: British and Americans celebrate Halloween this day. Do you know the roots of Halloween?

Звучит музыка. Входит привидение.

Привидение 1: I know the roots of Halloween. It originally began with the Celts and their celebration of the end of the Celtic year on November 1st. This date marked the end of the “season of the sun” and the disappearance of the sun god whom they worshipped as winter began. By lighting cooking fires in their homes, the ancient Celts hoped to keep the good luck symbolized by the spirit of the light with them through the winter months.

Чертик 1: Let us light our magic lights and lanterns.

Чертики и привидение зажигают свечи в тыквах под музыку. Привидение уходит.

Чертик 2: But the time passed and the tradition changed. The Romans came to the British Isles…

Входит ведьма. Она рассказывает о влиянии римлян на проведение праздника.

Ведьма 1: The Romans conquered the Celts. Each autumn the Romans honored the dead with a festival. It was called Feralia. It came in late October, about the time of Samhain. Little is known about the Feralia. Near that time of the year the Romans also had a harvest festival. It honored Pomona, their goddess of fruit trees. Pomona was sometimes shown wearing a crown of apples. She was nicknamed the Apple Queen. To thank Pomona for fruits, the Romans set out apples and nuts for her. They also ate apples and nuts. Today, apples and nuts are served at many Halloween parties and people play apple games.

Чертик 1: Well, let us play some apple games.

Ведьма 1: Witches, ghosts and vampires, come out!

Звучит музыка. Вбегают привидения, ведьмы и вампиры, неся с собой реквизит для игр. Гасят свечи в тыквах.

Крики, завывания: No light! No light!

Проводятся игры под музыку.

1игра: В трех, наполненных водой, тазах плавает по яблоку. Трем участникам необходимо как можно быстрее наколоть яблоко на вилку.

Чертик 2: I need three persons. Take a fork and put an apple on it. Start!

2 игра: На веревке подвешаны три яблока. Трем участникам необходимо съесть свое яблоко как можно быстрее.

Чертик 1: I need three persons. Bite an apple without hands. Start!

3 игра: На столе лежат три яблока. Трем участникам необходимо положить по яблоку в миску ложкой без помощи рук.

Чертик 2: I need three persons. Take a spoon and put an apple into a bowl. Start!

После награждения победителей все участники уходят с реквизитом, кроме чертиков и вампира.

Вампир рассказывает о влиянии христианства на языческий праздник Halloween.

Вампир 1: By 600 AD (600 years after Christ’s birth), many Celts had become Christians. The Christian priests made Christian holidays on the same days as old Celtic holidays to replace the Celtic ones. In 609 or 610 AD, the Christians created a new holiday. It was called All Hallows’ Day (today All Saints’ Day). It honored holy people called saints, many of whom had died for their religion. The night before All Hallows’ Day was called All Hallows’ Eve. After a while, people left off “All” and called it “Hallow Eve”. But they said “Hallow Eve” so fast that it became “Halloween”. The devil replaced Samhain in people’s mind. Also called Satan, the devil is the evil ruler of the Christians’ hell. During the Middle Ages, many Europeans thought that the devil came up to earth and sent evil spirits up from the hell on Halloween.

Чертик 2: The devil has many servants. Here they are! (зовет) Witches, please, tell us about yourselves and show what you do on Halloween.

Звучит музыка. Выскакивают 6 ведьм.

Ведьма 2:

When the night is as cold as stone,
When lightning severs the sky,
When your blood is chilled to the bone,
That’s the hour when the witches fly.

Ведьма 3:

When the night-owl swoops for the kill,
When there’s death in the fox’s eye,
When the snake is coiled and still,
That’s the hour when the witches fly.

Ведьма 4:

When the nightmare screams in your head,
When you hear a strangled cry,
When you startle awake in your bed,
That’s the hour when the witches fly.

Ведьма 5:

When the sweat collects on your brow,
When the minutes tick slowly by,
When you wish it was then not now,
That’s the hour when the witches fly.

Ведьма 6 (демонстрирует, как делать паука): I’ll show you how to make a spider. Cut out two strips of black paper, 2.5 cm by 15 cm. Wind one of the strips loosely around your finger. Tape the end down firmly. This is the spider’s body. Cut each end of the second strip into four legs, leaving 2.5 cm in the middle. Push the strip through the spider’s body. Glue it in the middle. Paint two eyes. Then curl the legs down.

Ведьмы вытаскивают пауков и бросают их в зал.

Чертик 1: And now you, ghosts. What can you tell us?

Звучит музыка. “Влетают” 6 привидений.

Привидение 2: Ghosts are really incredible. We have to be seen, to be believed. And the things we get up to! There you are, fast asleep in your bed and dreaming about summer holidays and chocolate pudding, when all of a sudden there’s an icy blast as the sheet is whipped off your bed and somebody says “Boo!” in your ear. How frightful! That’s a ghost all over. But don’t worry, you’ll see through most of us. Spooks are so transparent.

Привидение 3 (демонстрирует, как сделать свистульку): I’ll show you how to make a ghost whistle. Cut a strip of paper, 15 cm long and 3.75 cm wide. Fold it in half and snip a triangle out of the fold. Fold backs both ends. Open them out against your mouth, gently pressing just behind the triangle with your fingertips. Now blow into the tiny gap between the opened out ends to make a piercing scream.

Все привидения свистят и выпускают в зал шары-привидения.

Чертик 2: Now we’d like to listen to vampires.

Звучит музыка. Выходят 6 вампиров.

Вампир 2:

I don’t believe in werewolves
Or the mummy from the tomb,
I don’t believe in skeletons
In the corner of the room.

Вампир 3:

I don’t believe in lots of things
For now I’m getting older,
But I do believe in vampires
Just tapped me on the shoulder.

Вампир 4 (демонстрирует, как сделать напиток из томатного сока): I’ll show you how to make our favorite drink. Pour a glass of tomato juice. Salt and pepper it to taste. Add some sour cream if you wish. Stir it and drink. M-m-m… Tasty!

Вампир 5 (выносит поднос с томатным напитком, угощает зрителей): Help yourselves!

Чертик 1: Thank you, witches, ghosts and vampires. And now we shall see who the quickest is among you. Please, come out.

Чертик 2: Take papers and make a mummy. You must wrap a person well and fast. We need three persons.

Под музыку команды заворачивают «мумии» из зрителей.

Чертик 1(обращаясь к победившей команде): You are the winner. The mummy is yours.

Чертик 2: Now let’s see who the cleverest is. There are some English proverbs. (показывая на плакат с пословицами на английском языке) Say their Russian equivalents if you know.

На плакате написаны следующие пословицы:

  1. The devil is not so black as he is painted.
  2. Bad news travels quickly.
  3. Of two evils choose the least.
  4. There is a skeleton in every house.
  5. Blood is thicker than water.
  6. Talk of the devil and he is sure to appear.
  7. Misfortunes never come singly.
  8. After death the doctor.
  9. Let the dead bury their dead.

Чертики помогают делать перевод командам и зрителям:

  1. Не так страшен черт как его малюют.
  2. Худая молва на крыльях летит.
  3. Из двух зол выбирают меньшее.
  4. В семье не без урода. / Сор из избы не выносят.
  5. Кровь не вода. / Свой своему поневоле брат.
  6. Вспомни черта, и он обязательно появится.
  7. Беда никогда не приходит одна.
  8. После драки кулаками не машут.
  9. Кто старое помянет, тому глаз вон.

Вампир 6 (выносит магнитную доску со словами, в которых буквы переставлены местами): Put the letters in the correct order.

Зрители расставляют буквы в нужном порядке: radk – dark, ctiwh – witch, orhror – horror, msak – mask, sogth – ghost, emutsoc – costume, kpinpum – pumpkin, olewnleHa – Halloween.

Привидение 4: Fortune – telling is very popular on Halloween. And I’ll tell you your fortune. Take a sweet, wrap it out and read your fortune (разносит конфеты с предсказаниями).

Все участники читают свои предсказания и уходят. Остаются чертики.

Чертик 1: Do you think it is easy to be a ghost? No, no, no… We shall tell you a story about the ghost who could not say “Woo!” A young ghost, Gilly by name was walking about the dusty road. (Выходит привидение.) Then he stopped, sat down on a stone and began crying. At that moment Vampire was passing by. (Учащиеся разыгрывают сценку.).

Входит вампир: What’s the matter?

Привидение: Oh, Miss Vampire, I can’t say that word.

Вампир: What word?

Привидение: The word all ghosts say when they go out haunting on Halloween.

Вампир: I’d be glad to teach you.

Привидение: You are a real friend.

Вампир: Listen to me, Gilly, “Hush, hush, hush…”

Привидение: No, Miss Vampire, that isn’t the ghost word.

Черный кот: Of course, it isn’t the ghost word. What a silly vampire and what a silly ghost not to know such an important word.

Привидение: You are right. I can’t go haunting if I can’t say that word.

Черный кот: I’ll teach you, “Mew, mew, mew…”

Привидение: I’m sorry but that is not the ghost word either.

Черный кот: Let me think… I know who will teach you. She knows everything.

Выскакивает ведьма на метле.

Привидение: Woo-ooh? That’s it, that’s it! Will you teach me to say that word?

Ведьма: Of course, I will. But Gilly Ghost, that is the best “Woo” I have heard tonight. I’m proud of you. Hop on my broomstick and I’ll take you out to haunt with the other ghosts.

Привидение: Thank you for the lesson, miss Witch.

Вампир и черный кот: Woo! We’ve learnt to “Woo” too.

Ведьма: Anything can happen on Halloween. It’s a magic night.

Привидение (садясь на метлу к ведьме): Good-bye! (уходят)

Вампир и черный кот: Good-bye! We are going haunting too! (уходят).

Чертик 2 (зажигая свечи на торте): Oh, time flies so quickly. Morning has come and it’s time for us to disappear. (уходит).

Звучит музыка. На сцену входят все участники (без костюмов) с листками бумаги в руках, на которых написаны «плохие» слова (cruelty, violence, loneliness, anger, unhappiness, cowardice, illnesses, poverty, crime, etc.).

Ведущий 2: I have seen so many evil spirits tonight that we must light the candles. They are afraid of light and can’t do us harm. Let’s leave here all the bad things that are in us or in our lives.

Участники зачитывают каждый свое слово, рвут бумагу, выбрасывают ее и берут зажженную свечу.

Ведущий 2 (снимает черную ткань с глобуса): Look! Our planet is green, blue and white again!

Звучит музыка. Участники уходят.

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